Friday, March 29, 2013

Heart-warming Tails

Posh Pets Rescue pulled an eight-year-old chihuahua named Todo from the NYCACC. Very shortly after arriving at his foster parents' home, he got very wobbly and collapsed. Turns out Todo needed an MRI to see what was causing his pain and inability to walk.

Well, Todo had his MRI, which found he had three herniated discs, and underwent surgery. A week later this little five-pound champ is hanging in there. He's no longer in pain and has a 60% chance of walking again. His foster family is giving him round-the-clock care and are very excited to report that he is even moving his legs a little -- certainly a great sign!

Join Training Humans in wishing Todo a speedy recovery. And if you can, please donate a buck or two to Posh Pets so they can cover this little peanut's medical costs.

Good luck, Todo!

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